Hungry Hog BBQ






What makes Hungry Hog BBQ different from other hog roast caterers?

We are professionalcaterers, not part time roasters, butchers or farmers trying to earn extra cash. Catering is our passion and we know that its the attention to detail that matters. We have qualified and experienced chefs working for us leading to a better end product.

Are you qualified and insured?

Our staff have the relevant hygiene qualifications and our business has £2 million public liability insurance.

Why do you only use free range pigs?

Because they produce more superior, succulent and delicious pork. They are reared in natural environments and just like anything in the food chain - the quality and purity of their lifestyle is reflected in the end product. They are not force fed or given additives to 'fatten' them up like mass produced pork that is readily available.

How long do you serve for?

We normally find that a two hour service period is long enough for all of your guests to be fed and to return for seconds. If there is any meat left then this will be left on platters along with any remaining rolls for you and your guests.

How long do we cook our pigs for?

We roast our hogs for a minimum of 12 hours ensuring you get the most succulent pork to maximise flavour. The heat is then raised during the last stages of the process to create that wonderful crackling.

Is free range more expensive?

Yes, only slightly, but that extra makes all the difference when it comes to rearing the animals and looking after them. As with anything, you get what you pay for so beware of cheap and cheerful deals as it always the quality of the product that is sacrificed.

Can you cook indoors?

The food is always cooked outside in our state of the art Hogmaster and BBQ all weather machines. But we can then bring it inside to serve your guests if the weather is not agreeable or if this is how you prefer.

What happens if it rains?

We will always go ahead with an event rain, sleet or snow! We will always bring our gazebos so guests can keep dry whilst collecting their food. We can also bring the food indoors if the weather is really bad.

How much space is needed?

We can set up from as little as a 3x3 metre space but if there is more space we can bring a larger 6x3 metre gazebo.

What information do we need?

We need to make sure we have side or rear access for our BBQs or hog roaster, there needs to be no tight turns and we require at least a 76cm clearance with no obstructions. The only other requirement is access to boiling water.

We don't know our final numbers?

You can still book your event to confirm the date with us and we can sort the final numbers up to a week before the event.

Is there a minimum booking number?

For our BBQ menus we have a minimum booking number of 40 guests, for the hog roast we can cater for a minimum number of 75 guests.

What time would you arrive and leave?

We would normally arrive around 2 hours before the serving time and we do normally try to arrive before your guests arrive but sometimes this is not possible. We will serve for two hours from your serving time and then will pack up quietly and leave discreetly.  

Can I make changes to the menu?

We will always try our best to provide everything you would like for your perfect event, we are happy to create bespoke menus for our customers needs.

What is included in the price?

All bookings apart from the cold buffet menu includes freshly baked rolls, disposable plates & cutlery, condiments and napkins.

Where is your food sourced from?

All of our food is provided from our local award winning butcher who we can provide details of upon request. All of the vegetables and salads are from local farm shops and prepared fresh.

Do we do tastings for weddings?

We don't do private tasting sessions but we do public events and open days so just get in contact with us so we can let you know where we will next be.

How do we book?

If you contact us via email with your booking details we can prepare a personalised quote and send it over to you. You can then accept or decline this quote, once accepted we will send you over our booking form for you to complete and return to us. We will then give you deposit instructions, once paid we will send you an invoice and then the event will be booked in and the date reserved for you.

Are there any extra costs?

As previously stated there will be a small mileage charge for events over a 20 mile radius of Brentwood, Essex. We also charge for a qualified chef and assistant. This is key to the quality of our food as there is no point having great produce but overcooking it so it is dry and burnt. Some companies will use anyone to cook on the BBQ but this is very important that only trained chefs work for us. We charge £100 per chef for a day.

What happens with left over food?

Any food that is left over we always offer to the customer, if you provide us with platters or containers we will fill these up for you at the end of service.

Do we hire out equipment?

Yes we hire out our Weber top of the range 6 burner BBQs as well as our Hogmaster hog roast machine as well as gazebos and other equipment. Please contact us for more information regarding equipment hire.

How far do you travel?

We cover most of the south east of England and we are based in Brentwood, Essex. For larger weddings we will travel further, we charge a small mileage charge for any bookings further than a 20 mile distance of Brentwood.

Can you recommend any venues or companies?

We have worked with many great companies over the years and we can recommend several that best suit your style of event. We have many great contacts for children's entertainers, chocolate fountains, DJ's, bands, photographers, videographers and mobile bars. We also have many venues that we can recommend which will allow outside caterers to come in and cater.

Will we cancel on you?

We have been running for nearly three years now and have never cancelled any event so you can rest easy. We always get phone calls from event organisers a few days before their event saying a company has cancelled on them, we only take bookings for the events we can do and nothing more.